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how to make big in little alchemy 2 is an addicting puzzle game in which you can combine various elements to create unique items. One of the intriguing items you can create within the game can be “big.” In this tutorial we’ll go over the step-by-step procedure for creating “big” within Little Alchemy 2. Let’s begin!

Initial Elements

Before we start it is essential to be familiar with the essential elements we’ll use to create “big.” The game Little Alchemy 2, you start with four elements: fire, earth air, water, and earth. These elements act as the basis for building more complex objects.

Step 1: Create Time

To move forward to the next level and gain access to more elements, you’ll have to make time. Combine the elements of fire and earth to produce the lava. Lava is the primary element that is required for a variety of mixtures within to make big in little alchemy 2.

Step 2: Making Stone

When you’ve the lava, mix the two to make stone. Stone is a crucial component that acts as a foundation for a variety of combinations, including creating “big.”

Step 3. Injecting Pressure

To begin creating “big,” you’ll need to generate pressure. Mix air and stone to create sand. After that, combine the sand and air to produce the pressure element.

Step 4: Building Earth

Earth plays an important component of the process that makes it “big.” Mix pressure and stone to create earth. Earth is utilized in conjunction along with the other components to produce the final product.

Five Steps: Creating Mountain

Once you have the earth, mix it with the earth again to create the mountain. Mountains play an important part in the development of many items and include one last “big” ingredient.

Step 6: Create Time Once

It is important to remember the role of timing in this game. To keep creating “big,” create time by combining the elements of fire and earth again. You’re probably familiar with this mix in Step 1.

Step 7: Creating Continent

Combine the elements of earth and time to form the continent. A continent is an enormous area of land and is an essential component to create”the “big” ingredient.

Step 8: Making Planet

To make the “big” component that is the “big” element, you’ll need to construct an entire planet. Mix continent with continent in order to make an earth. A planet is an essential part of the final mixture.

Step 9: Making Space

In order to complete your “big” combination to complete the “big” combination, you’ll require space. Combine air and planets to make space. Space is the final element needed to achieve the ultimate result.

Step 10: Designing Big

And finally, mix planet and space to create “big” with Little Alchemy 2. Congratulations! You’ve achieved the “big” component!


In this detailed guide, we’ve gone over the steps involved in making “big” the big one in Little Alchemy 2. Through the combination of elements like time stone, pressure, mountain, earth and space. and then, finally large, you’ve unlocked one of the most exciting elements of the game. Little Alchemy 2 gives you unlimited possibilities of exploration and discovery. Have fun and be sure to discover new combinations and possibilities!

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