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how to make tree in little alchemy 2 is a fun and thrilling game that allows you to mix different elements to create new games. The game’s name is one of the most significant and well-known features of the game’s tree. In this tutorial, we’ll give you a step-by step guide of how to create an actual forest in Little Alchemy 2. By combining it with care and experimenting You’ll soon be able to create your very own virtual forest!

Step 1: Begin with the basics

Begin by becoming familiar with the fundamental elements in the game. These are Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Each element represents a particular component that is needed to make more complicated objects.

Step 2: Create Lava

To make a tree, you’ll need to mix Earth as well as Fire. The game to make a tree in little alchemy 2, combining elements requires dragging and dropping one element on top of another. Mix Earth and Fire to create Lava which serves as a vital component in the development of the tree.

Step 3: Transforming Lava into Stone

It is the next stage to turn this Lava into Stone. Mix both the Lava with the Air element by dropping one element onto the other. The result will be the formation of Stone.

Step 4: Bring Rain

To keep the process of creating trees, you’ll need to add Water into the mix. Combine the elements of air and Water to make rain. This is crucial in providing the moisture needed for your tree to thrive.

Step 5: Making Sand

Combine Stone and Water to make Sand. Drag and drop one on the other to form this vital substance.

Step 6 Step 6: Forming Glass

To create an appropriate container for your tree it is necessary to make Glass. Combining Sand and Fire by dragging and dropping one on the other. This will lead to the formation of Glass.

Step 7: Designing the Container

With Glass in your hand You can now create an object. Mix with the Glass as well as the Fire elements to form the Container. The Container is used to store water in the future.

Step 8: Creating the pond

Combining the Container with water elements to form an acquisition. Drag and drop one element on top of the other to create this watery ecosystem that is essential for the growth of your tree.

9. Preparation of the Mud

In order to lay the foundation for the tree’s roots you’ll have to build Mud. Mix Water and Earth by dropping one element on the other. This creates an element called the Mud element.

Step 10 Step 10: Shaping Clay

Combine Mud as well as Sand in order to make Clay. Drag and drop one onto the other in order to create this moldable material.

Step 11: Making Pottery

With Clay available You can combine It with Fire to make Pottery. Drop one item onto the other in order to complete the combination.

Step 12: Creating the Pitcher

Combine Pottery and Water to make the Pitcher. This Pitcher is later on to connect to The Tree element.

Step 13 Step 13: Growing Fruit

Combine the Tree and Pitcher elements to make Fruit. Move and place one of the elements on the other to complete the combination. The Fruit element is the first sign that you can see the growth of your tree.

Step 14: Growing the Seed

Combining Fruit and Earth to create the seed. Drag and drop any of the elements on the other to complete this mix.

Step 15 Step 15: Nurturing the Plant

Mix Seed with Earth to form the Plant. This is the beginning phase of the tree’s growth.

Step 16: transforming into a tree in shape

Combine time and plant to create a Tree. Drop one piece onto the other in order to complete the combination. Congratulations! You’ve successfully made how to make tree in little alchemy 2


The game Little Alchemy 2, the procedure of making trees requires a series of combinations that involve different elements like Earth water, fire air, stone Glass, and many more. Following the steps described in this article you can create your own tree, and continue to explore and explore in the game. Be aware that Little Alchemy 2 is a continuously evolving game that is constantly updated. So don’t be afraid to experiment with other combinations and uncover new possibilities and elements throughout the process. Explore the universe in Little Alchemy 2 and have an enjoyable creation!

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