How to Hand Jive.

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Heading Hand Jive is an energetic and energetic dance form that was first introduced around 1950. It was popularized by the movie “Grease,” this fun and rhythmic dance is characterized by complex hand movements and footwork. If you’re trying to learn to dance with your hands then, you’ve come to the right site! In this step-by step guide we’ll break down the procedure into simple-to-follow steps. Put in your dance footwear and start!

Step 1: Warm Up

Before you begin the Heading How to Hand Jive ,you need to prepare your body for warm-up to avoid any injuries. Flex your wrists, arms as well as your fingers, by slowly turning your hands in circular movements. Use your hands to shake them out to loosen your muscles before you get ready to dance.

Step 2:Positioning

Maintain your feet shoulder-width apart, and bend your knees slightly. Relax your upper body and your arms to your sides.

Step 3: Basic Hand Jive Movements

The hand jive is primarily composed of intricate hand movements that are performed in synchronization with a beat. Here are a few hand jive techniques to help you get to get started:

  1. Clapping: Begin by putting your hands joined in a prayer pose. Open your hands quickly and clap them once, then bring them back together instantly. Repeat this action in a steady rhythm of the music.
  2. Slapping: Spread your right hand in the direction of your palm up. Make use of your left arm to provide your right hand an easy, light slap. Alternate hands while maintaining the beat.
  3. Fist Pumps: Begin with the hands encased in fists placed close to your chest. Straighten your right arm out, holding your left arm in close proximity to your chest.Switch positions quickly, pumping the left fist and bringing the right closer to your chest. Alternate your fists in a steady beat.
  4. Cross Over: Spread both Heading Hand Jive in front of you with hands facing downwards. Place your left hand on your right and then remove them. Repeat the motion by crossing your right hand with your left. Make sure that the motion is fluid and in tune with your music.

Step 4: Footwork

While hand movements are the central place in the hand jive, incorporating some footwork can add to the overall performance. Here’s a quick footwork exercise to include into the hand-jive dance routine

  1. Make a step to the left. Step towards the right, using the right foot.
  2. Step left to the left Step to left: Slide your left foot towards your right foot.
  3. To the left: Make a second move to your right, using your left foot.
  4. Take a step to the left Step to the left: Slide your left foot towards your right foot and then slide your right foot back to meet it.

Repeat this pattern of footwork all through your dance keeping the same beat.

Step 5: Practice and Variation

After you’ve mastered the fundamental footwork and Heading Hand Jive movements It’s time to work on and try out different variations. Consider incorporating various hand gestures, spins or even a partner dance if you’re dancing with a partner. It is important to keep in tune with your music. keep the energy level and enjoy!


Learning to jive with your hands is an excellent way to experience the lively dance culture that was popular in the 1950s.When you go through this step by step guide, you’ll be in the right direction to master this exciting dance technique.. Make sure that you warm-up, master the fundamental hand movements, then add feetwork, and experiment with ways to create the hand dance of your own. So, put on some old-fashioned tunes. Gather your friends then let hand-jive bring joy of dancing to your life!

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