5 Fashion Tips on How to Wear Sneakers With a Dress

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Are you able to find an ideal blend of feminine and sporty? You may love fashion, but would prefer comfortable, athletic shoes which keep your look at ease and attainable. We don’t blame you. In fact, research shows that high-heeled shoes are the main cause of female foot discomfort! Are you ready to put a fresh twist on your classic style?..

Why This Look Works

Does the thought of pairing sneakers with dresses make you squirm? If yes, then you’ll be surprised to learn that this style is more fashionable than you think. It was actually popping all over the place during the last London Fashion Sneakers With a Dress Week!

In reality sneakers are appearing on runways all over the world and are paired with flowing, long dresses as they are the latest trend in athleisure fashion. From designer, high-end sporty sneakers to classic, simple alternatives, there are many choices!

It’s an interesting thing to see the new supermodels wearing this look. What can you do to translate this look to your daily outfits? Here are some tips to consider.

How to Wear Sneakers With a Dress: Tips to Look Your Best

We’ll remind you that there’s no only way to be a part of this fashion.

If you let your personal style dictate your appearance, you’re likely to design a look you love.

1. Pair Patterns With Solid Colors

What is the most important thing to wear sneakers and an outfit? You need to be willing to break the rules only a bit.

If the dress you are wearing is solid colored You can play around by wearing casual shoes. This is a great way to inject some design, color and individuality in your look!

Try an outfit featuring a fun cheetah print like the Nike Women’s A low-cut shoe with a round-toe and flat heels are the perfect sneakers to wear everywhere and look good with everything from your favorite jeans to your favorite shift dress.

2. Keep It Simple With Patterned Dresses

While wild-patterned sneakers look amazing with plain dresses, If the dress you’re wearing has an intricate pattern, it’s recommended to choose the simple, monochromatic pair of sneakers for a good balance. If you mix two different designs could make your outfit look a bit sloppy.

This pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star “White Barely Volt” Canvas Sneakers/Shoes features the signature high-cut upper of the brand and an exciting, fun, colored rubber sole.

3. Consider Your Accessories

Are you thinking of carrying a purse when you put on your dress? Did you secure your waist with a thin belt or a bright ribbon around your hair? It is possible to accessorize your dress in a variety of ways, by using things like:

Jewelry (chunky or delicate)






While you plan your outfit, think about the way you’ll match your shoes to your outfit. You could pick colors that complement your outfit or select complementing shoes that go well with each other.

For example, for instance, a pair of black sneakers looks stunning when paired with a the contrast of a white bag or belt. Look at the Nike Women’s WMNS Downshifter 8 Black Nike Marathon Shoes/Sneakers for some inspiration!

4. Let Length Be Your Guide

Even the tiniest of sneakers can be heavier than delicate sandals or high heels. However, sneakers generally work best with sundresses that can be casual enough to wear for casual occasions.

To choose the right pair, take into consideration the size of the dress. If it’s ankle length or a little trailing on the floor, a flat and low-cut pair of shoes will work best.

If you’re inclined to the more flatter side, we like these Nike Court Legacy Shoes or Sneakers. White and light blue, with a wide back, it straddles that line of a slip-on and shoe and looks fantastic when worn with long-length dresses.

5. Think About the Event

Are you in the market for comfortable sneakers to wear to work everyday? Or, do you require an elegant pair you wear to an occasion?

Considering where you want to showcase your new sneakers will help you pick the right style. If you’re looking for a laidback style and you want to be relaxed, you won’t get it wrong with these women’s Club C 85 WOMENS “Chalk” Sneakers/Shoes. All-white Reebok stunners are slick and light and look stunning dressed either way.

Rock Your Dress and Sneakers Today

In terms of fashion Who says you can’t enjoy the best of both worlds?

If you’re able to style sneakers and an outfit, you can revamp your wardrobe and make pieces of your closet do double duty. From casual sneakers to designer sneakers, you can find the perfect pair that can go with any formal outfit within your wardrobe. 

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